Les Trois Questions Jon J. Muth

ISBN: 9782878333268

Published: 2003


Les Trois Questions  by  Jon J. Muth

Les Trois Questions by Jon J. Muth
2003 | | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: 9782878333268 | 4.79 Mb

Never read Tolstoys Three Questions. I bought this book at Callan Books in Stratford Ontario.It strikes me as a very thoughtful book with a constant interplay between light and dark. Cute animals talk to each other, but there is a streak of selfishness, strife, conflict, and fear running through the pages. The illustrations are expansive and uses weather as a main indicator of light and dark.

The main emotive line is questioning brought by fear - what if I miss the right time, what if I miss the right person, what if Im doing the wrong things?Each progressive wave of answers bring new viewpoints and they are all quite valid and easily understandable and visible in the world of a young child. But the turtle and the panda together show different ways of reasoning and feeling the world - by looking at why it is the boy asks these questions.

Perhaps the boy is insecure with where he is in the world?The right time is now. The right person is the one right by you. The right thing to do is to help others as you help yourself.This book requires a bit of guidance from the adult when read by a child. It is a great book to read together with both parents and the child/children. The more people who read it together, the better, because the different viewpoints presented by the animals can be best illustrated by how different parents/adults think about the world. And kids learn from that.Its a good book.

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